Top Best Free Email Marketing Services

Top Best Free Email Marketing Services

Best Email Marketing Services in My Opinion

If you ask me, I can say that either go for MailChimp or HubSpot or GetResponse. All these are the most popular ones in the whole world. More people are satisfied and happy with their services, and that is the reason they are the most popular ones.

So my recommendations are in order-

  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • GetResponse

I am delighted with their services, pricing plans, tech support, and the online communities they have

The term “Old is Gold” is justified when you see the performance, impact, effectiveness, and market share in terms of profitability/ROI of our very own email marketing campaigns.

Yes, they still work the best, with almost no investment. You can choose the best free email marketing tools or the best free email marketing services to run your promotional campaigns.

And guess what, if you track the ROI of time and money invested in the attacks, you will find the email marketing campaigns are giving you the most profitability.

You can, of course, purchase the premium versions of those top free email marketing tools, it’s okay.

But even the non-paid versions of such services can run highly successful promotional campaigns for small/medium level businesses. So why to purchase?

Exactly! There is no significant difference between the paid and free versions of the email marketing services, as far as your requirements are concerned.

But, I’ll point out the limitations of the free releases, while if you are already an established business owner, you can look into the features, pricing, pros, and cons of the paid email marketing services. I have thoroughly pointed out a comparative analysis of these tools here below.

Why Choosing the Best Email Marketing Service is Important?

What to Look for in a Good Email Marketing Tool?

free email marketing services

A customer always wants more- some are satisfied, some never. Those who are convinced, even they want more.

So there is no end in asking and looking for more. But still, practically it is not possible to get everything at whatever amount you pay. So the features vary according to the plan you subscribe to.

Depending upon your requirements you must be choosing the paid programs and even the service provider.

When it comes to selecting the most suitable one for you- I would recommend going for the free trials first.

Almost all the excellent email marketing tools provide free trials to the users. Most of them even have free options too, to use the tool for the lifetime.

So choose the free plans first. Once you start liking one particular instrument and grow up some faith in them, then depending upon the requirements, you select the best suitable paid plan for you.

Depending upon the size of the business, type of the company, category of the targeted customers, the behaviour of the website traffic, and potential customers- you must be choosing the one that suits you. While doing the quality check.

You should be considering the following factors:

  1. Is the Service Provider Known to You?There are a lot of fake people, and counterfeit companies have come up regularly. It is better to work with the establishment, which is all new to you. Also, don’t forget to ask for feedback from the people you know, and they use the PAI marketing tool.
  2. Compare the Pricing Plans With Other Service ProvidersYou may like a particular email marketing service provider due to various reasons. But it is also essential to check and compare their pricing plans with the other companies who offer similar services. Why be in loss, when you have plenty of options.
  3. How is Customer/Technical Support?The technical support system is essential when you work on something regularly, Anytime there can be something new to you, and without spending hours in knowing the new technicalities, you may just ask the technical support team about your queries. They should be able to answer and explain all your questions instantly.
  4. Compare the Features with Other Email Marketing ServiceProviders Check out all the best email marketing services and what do they offer and at what Pricing. Then make a list of all the features, and compare their plans, pricing, and features.Then talk to their customer care, and sales team, try to negotiate with them with the packages. This way, you will get the best suitable featured services for your business, and at the least cost. This is only a one-time method, as you keep repeating the same plan again and again, till the time of any further upgradations.
  5. Is the Tool User Friendly?Don’t just believe other’s feedback blindly, instead take trials for yourself and judge whether the interface of the tool is easy for you to work on. If you think, it is user-friendly, or at least you can work with that easily, then go for it.
  6. Are You Comfortable Managing the Dashboard?The email marketing tool you select should have an easy-to-manage dashboard through which you could easily navigate to all the resources they provide. Most of them have maintained accessible panels. But still, you may choose the one that you like the most.
  7. Will they Be Able to Drive the Type of Traffic You Want?An email marketing software may be flooded with excellent features and lots of functionalities. But you need to see whether they can fulfil your requirements or not. In other words, you need to find out whether you will be able to utilize all their features or not. Having hundreds of features, but not useful enough for you, won’t work. Choose the one wisely, as to not repent later.
  8. Create an Online PollThe online platforms, marketing groups on social media are beneficial for gathering information before going to make any purchase, as you will get real and genuine feedback. Once you shortlist a few email marketing services, you can create an online poll where you ask the regular users to vote for anyone of them, and you will be able to judge easily which one is the best.

List of Best Email Marketing Service

Let’s see some of the most prominent players of the email marketing field, what do they offer, and at what pricing.

#1. Constant Contact

One of the topmost email marketing service providers and 100% trusted. They provide their services to big MNCs, and even to small scale industries, non-profit organizations.

Constant Contact Pricing:

Constant Contact PricingConstant Contact Pricing

The pricing starts at $5 per month, with limited features while the higher plans such as $20 per month and $45 per month offer more features and benefits to the businesses.

They have special discounts for the businesses that do a pre-pay for at least six months or one year.

Depending upon your plan and the mode you make the payment with, you can expect a discount of up to 15% of the total amount. For a non-profit organization, the discount is up to 30% To know more about the plans, please visit the ConstantContact pricing page.SingUp constant Contact forfree!

Constant Contact Features:

Rich and exclusive features are the specialists of Constant Contact. Once you subscribe to any plan, you will be provided with features like

  1. unlimited email sending to customers
  2. Automated system to re-email the potential customers
  3. You can also send business emails with your personalized business logo, watermark, and customized templates.
  4. You get a dashboard to control/manage all your email marketing campaigns and store all the promotional content such as images, slides, videos, text, etc.


The starter plan is very much affordable for any small or medium level business. Very helpful for eCommerce businesses with lots of useful functionalities.


You can easily drag-drop and customize the email templates according to your needs. But It takes time for complete customization of a model, as you need to save each and every modification you do with the template

#2. SendinBlue

One of the leading email marketing service providers in the current industry. They not only offer email marketing tools, but a complete set-up to lead any kind of marketing campaigns.

SendinBlue Pricing:

SendinBlue offers free monthly plans with basic marketing accessibilities, while their paid plans offer much more functionalities with distinct advanced features.

They have basically three different paid plans starting from $25 per month, to $66 per month with extremely advanced features.

SendinBlue Pricing:SendinBlue Pricing:

They can also customize your policy depending upon your requirements, as they have an enterprise plan. If you are looking for something massive, you can talk to them about your needs and get the quotes for the same.

To know more about SendinBlue pricing, please visit the SendinBlue Pricing page and compare each plan before selecting the best one for your needs.start SendinBlue free

SendinBlue Features:

SendinBlue offers highly advanced automated chat support which you can connect to your business website and answer your customers instantly as soon as they contact you.

There are advanced tools with which you can create your own landing pages, and also remove the watermark of SendinBlue. You know how essential a landing page is nowadays, as they convert target customers into sales.

Re-targeting the customers using cookies is one more advanced feature of SendinBlue. Moreover, you can design templates and attractive sign-up forms in any of your preferred languages.


The features offered by SendinBlue are highly advanced, and you need to pay a high amount to any other third party service provider if you want the same services. You get them all at a much lesser cost when you choose SendinBlue.


The functionalities are not very easy; a beginner with zero technical knowledge can struggle to get the things done on his own.

#3. AWeber

One of the top email marketing companies providing exclusive features for businesses, and allowing them to take their business to the next level.

AWeber Pricing:

AWeber has a different type of monthly scheme as they offer to their customers. Depending on the number of subscribers you have, they charge you monthly. Please refer to the image below to understand their concept.

AWeber Pricing:AWeber Pricing:

AWeber offers 100% trustworthy email marketing services where you get good discounts when you purchase their half-yearly or yearly schemes instead of the monthly one. For detailed pricing information, please visit the pricing section of AWeber.join AWeber for free

AWeber Features:

One of the main features of AWeber is its powerful yet simple-to-use auto-responder that increases user-engagement with the business.

Apart from that, they will also provide services like bulk emailing, customized template designing, form creations, pop-up messages which can be used for sending notifications or collecting leads. You can also avail of remarketing services with paid plans.


  1. Wonderfully featured file manager which handles all your essential marketing resources in one place, saving your precious time.
  2. The technical support team is accommodating, highly active, and you can access them as soon as you want.


  1. The monthly plans are a bit expensive when you compare them with the Other services.
  2. The built-in templates and forms are not very well designed. If you don’t customize them completely, they won’t be attractive enough to drive the audience.

#4. MailChimp

One of the most popular email marketing software which has the highest number of customers among all its competitors. Let’s look at their features in detail.

MailChimp Pricing

MailChimp provides free access to the start-ups, which is quite convenient for the businesses that are just about to start their online promotional journey.

One of the best free email marketing services providing extraordinary features when it comes to free membership plans. You can just drag and drop and create your own templates as per your wish, in minutes you can create awesomely looking designs for your email templates.

MailChimp PricingMailChimp Pricing

The very basic paid plan starts at $9.99 per month. They have higher plans with more advanced features such as $14.99 per month, and $299 per month. To know more about the pricing and plans, you can directly visit the MailChimp pricing page.join Mailchimp for free

MailChimp Features

Stunning drag and drop facilities with millions of customized designs are available at the MailChimp store.

You can easily create your email campaign for free if you are a start-up and want to try out MailChimp email marketing services. Straightforward user interfaces with email integration system to almost any social media networks.


  1. You can design your own customized email templates and run the show.
  2. The integration of your email system is allowed with various online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.
  3. MailChimp has a robust online community from where you can take all kinds of technical help and knowledge that make your business to the next level.


  1. For some people, the MailChimp interface is quite confusing.
  2. In the case of spamming, MailChimp possesses all the rights to disable your account.
  3. Subscription plans are a bit expensive when compared with the other email marketing giants.

#5. MailerLite

The big email campaigning giant promises to provide a free trial for a month where you can check their services and features. Based upon your requirements, you can then finalize your order.

MailerLite Pricing:

The basic paid plan starts at $10 per month where you can manage up to 1000 subscribers. As the subscription increases, you start paying more.

The highest monthly plan for MailerLite is $1915, where you can manage up to 6 million subscribers per month. They also have dedicated IP providing services that isolate your IP address providing your business with a unique recognition.

MailerLite Pricing:

You will need such resources when you send at least 50,000 emails per week. Please have a look at their plans in detail as you visit the pricing tab of the MailerLite official website.SingUp free

MailerLite Features:

When you select Mailer Lite, you will be getting a powerful photo editor to design customized images, a built-in image editor. Through the rich text editor, you can choose

various fonts, styles of text content while creating your emailing template. There will be a file manager to manage all your marketing campaigns effectively. If you are a tech person, then you can use even their powerful HTML editor and design email templates just the way you want it to be.

Good news for the news businesses, as Mailer Lite will provide you with newsletter submission templates, which can bring massive traffic to your news website.


  1. The excellent interface is available with multiple features where you can send customized emails to your target audience.
  2. The monthly 1000 subscription is entirely free.


  1. The technical support team is not that active.
  2. Sometimes the log-in system doesn’t work correctly.

#6. ConvertKit

A beneficial marketing tool is offering email marketing services at the topmost level. Starting from bulk emailing, to SMS sending, to social media campaigning, auto- responder-it does everything.

ConvertKit Pricing:

ConvertKit Pricing:ConvertKit Pricing:

To know more about the plans in detail, please visit the ConvertKit Pricing section on the official website.

ConvertKit Features

ConvertKit offers a powerful dashboard, user-friendly interface with lots of features through which you can design attractive templates and send them to your target audience.

A highly advanced email marketing system having compelling features and a proactive technical support team are the main advantages of ConvertKit.


  1. You can increase subscribers just by using tags.
  2. User-Friendly interface
  3. Lots of built-in templates
  4. WordPress integration within a few clicks


  1. Minimal customization can be done.
  2. Form Customization is limited.

#7. GetResponse

One of my favourite email marketing software, offering almost all the advanced features at affordable pricing.

GetResponse Pricing

The basic paid plan starts at only $15 per month where you can manage up to 1000 subscribers per month. While the highest monthly plan (the enterprise plan) starts at $1199 per month for managing 100,000 subscribers per month. Let us see all the plans in detail as we visit the pricing page of GetResponse.

GetResponse PricingGetResponse Pricing

GetResponse Features:

GetResponse is a highly advanced marketing app that offers various promotional features for businesses starting from email marketing campaigns, auto-responders, creating chatbots for handling multiple customers at a single time.

They also provide features like creating customized newsletters, sign-up forms, templates for social media campaigns and emails, creating set-ups for seamless webinars, and a lot more.


Handy marketing tool having lots of features. They also have 24/7 active technical support to guide the customers in the best and easy way. Even the pricing is very reasonable. So GetResponse is a highly recommended marketing tool.


Beware of account deletion when you use GetResponse. In case, the team finds any policy violations or email spamming, and they delete the customers’ accounts without even informing them

#8. HubSpot

A top-rated email marketing service provider with lots of features available at affordable pricing. They are there in the field of online marketing for years and have successfully provided their services to millions of businesses around the world.

HubSpot Pricing:

HubSpot is not the cheapest email marketing service provider. But what features it offers at what pricing, that is very much satisfactory. Please have a look at HubSpot pricing plans as you visit their website and navigate to the pricing section.

HubSpot Pricing:HubSpot Pricing:

HubSpot Features:

HubSpot provides an excellent interface with lots of great marketing tools that help in building customized forms, images, text boxes, basic animations, and a lot more. And the best part is, you get all of these at very reasonable pricing.


  1. There are plenty of options for designing templates.
  2. The HubSpot technical support team is highly active and helpful even for beginners. Whatever the issue might be, you just need to raise a ticket, and they will connect with you to solve the problem immediately.
  3. The pricing is affordable for small and medium level businesses.


  1. For some users, the HubSpot interface is quite confusing.
  2. While connecting with social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, sometimes
  3. the HubSpot interface loses connectivity.

Limitations of Free Email Marketing Service

When your business is small, and when every bit of savings is essential to you, you’ll not be going for a paid email marketing tool of course.

But hey! Did you notice what features you are going to miss? Even the best free email marketing services don’t offer you all the priceless features you are about to get at such a reasonable price, as mentioned above.

Email Marketing services are inexpensive with the highest ROI, and you must be taking proper advantage of it. Let us see here what features you are going to miss when you don’t choose a paid email marketing tool.

Let us go through the constraints of a free email marketing service.

Limited Free Email Sending Service

When you choose free email marketing software, you can send emails to your target audience. But it won’t be unlimited or automated.

No Availability of Customized Themes

When you choose a free email marketing software, you need to remain happy with the free templates the provider offers. And be sure that you won’t be allowed to customize the email template.

Watermark Present With the Templates

When you are aiming at building a brand for your business, you won’t be likely to send your customers emails that have a third party emblem on it. Instead, you will look for adding your own brand name there. When you choose a free emailing system, you will have the third party watermark visible on the template.

No Remarketing Activities

The remarketing strategy has become very popular nowadays, using the cookies, you can target the same customer again and again till he purchases your product or service.

Once you are buying a paid email service, you will avail of such features, but for a free email marketing tool, there is no such options present.

No Automated Email Sending

When you choose a free marketing tool, all the promotional work you have to do manually. So the automated email sending option won’t be available for a free subscription.

Limited Storage Space

Giving free unlimited cloud space is not affordable for the email marketing service providers. That is why they offer you space, but very limited. If you are looking for unlimited disk space, you need to select the paid plans.

No Landing Page

Landing pages help in converting a potential customer into sales. But when you choose a freeemail marketing software, you will not get any such services.

No Bulk SMS Sending Services

You cannot send bulk SMS for free when you use free email marketing tools. It means that there will not be any customized branding while you send messages.

Through your personal mobile number, you can do that. But when you choose a paid plan, you will get a personalized messaging option with your business name, and you can send thousands of free messages in just one click.

Less Secured

When you pay for the email marketing service provider, you will not only pay for the technical stuff. But also pay for security which is essential at present.

No Technical Support

You will get connected with the technical support team whom you can approach for any kind of technical queries.

Free Email Marketing Software FAQs

Which is the Best Free Email Marketing Tool?

Mailchimp is very famous around the world, and I personally can recommend MailChimp as I have used it for years and I am delighted with their services.Even the free version of MailChimp has so many luxurious features that are extremely helpful for any small level businesses.

Which is the Best Paid Email Marketing Tool?

My personal favorite paid email marketing tool is HubSpot, as I have used that tool for years. I have never faced any sort of issues related to the dashboard or with the technical support team.They have a 24/7 active tech support which solves your query instantly, what else a customer would want more than this.

What Are the Services A Free Email Marketing Tool Offer?

With a free email marketing tool, you can do a lot, but not all. You can send a limited number of open emails to your audience on a daily basis. You can schedule up a particular time and automate the email system according to you.Even you will get built-in free templates for sending attractive emails to your target audience. An open model can also look like a professional, premium email markup if you invest a little time in designing and customizing it.So, the bottom line is, when you pay more you get everything readymade, coming towards you And when you don’t pay, then you perform all those functionalities manually, and with limited bandwidth.

What Are the Services A Paid Email Marketing Tool Offer?

Depending on the plan you choose, a paid email marketing tool offers you their services. They provide like- unlimited email sending to your target audience on a daily basis. You will get this facility almost with all the paid tools and even with the original plans.You are creating automated emailing systems, creating landing pages, customized template designing with no watermark, sign-up forms, and other promotional campaigns, unlimited disk space, 24/7 technical support, highly secure end-to-end seamless connectivity, and a lot more.

Is Email Marketing Still Effective? What About its Future?

Yes, it is. It is because everyone has a fixed mail id which they maintain from years without changing it. There have been a lot of changes happening in the web industry. Every day we get so many emails, that we don’t even get disturbed at all if we receive any promotional emails. That’s where the trick lies, businesses around the world keep sending us regular emails till the time we finally click open it, and through this, they get sales. This kind of marketing strategy is reasonably practical, and it’s like running a remarketing campaign without any cookies!Talking about the future of email marketing, well, I don’t see any changes at least in the near future where email marketing will not have any results to offer. We will keep using the emails as we have been doing it till today. We will also check all our emails on a daily basis, and as simple as that, and email marketing campaigns will keep running more and more. That’s the future, the present, and the past. Thus we say “email marketing rocks!”

Why Do I Need to Purchase a Paid Email Marketing Software When I am Getting Their Services for Free?

When your business grows up, you will need to provide a better user experience. As well as, on the verge of expansion of your business, you’ll need to promote the products/services to target more and more targeted audiences. At that moment, you will require the advanced features of the paid tool.

What Kind of ROI Can I Expect When I Purchase a Paid Email Marketing Software?

You will get almost immediate outcomes of purchasing a paid email marketing software. In case of choosing the best free email marketing tool, there is no such thing as you don’t pay anything.So when you spend some amount for something(it doesn’t matter how small the amount is), you’ll work seriously with complete focus on the same. This urge for becoming successful will bring success for sure. And you will get the ROI at the earliest.

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